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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FaceFighter Gold

You are someone very angry and you can really itching to fix his face?

KungFu Warrior

Far from civilization, in a small quiet village you studied kung fu, he learned the secrets of this ancient art.

Mortal Combat 2

A whole generation grew up with this iconic game. And now you can play it on your mobile device.

Fists For Fighting

Dynamic Boxing for Android! Strive to the top and become the best fighter.You can choose your fighter, one of many.

Hockey Fight Pro

If you thought that this is just another hockey simulator, then you are mistaken.

MiniBash Violence connected

Minibash - step-by-step fighting game with fun gameplay.

Race Stunt Fight

Race Stunt Fight! Motorcycles - the simulator insane and violent street racing on motorcycles.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

The implementation of an old Board game about the battle of the robots.

Dojo Madness

Dojo Madness will immerse you into the world of kung fu!

Fight Game Heroes

Fight Game: Heroes - Good fitingofa the game is designed for the XPERIA™ Play, as the game does not provide an on-screen joystick.

Whack Muscle

Whack Muscle is a very fun simulator street fight. Not worth it this game is serious, because it's kind of funny.

Real Steel HD

Real Steel HD inspired by the eponymous film, which tells about the not so distant future, in a completely non-Boxing as a particularly cruel sport.

The King of Fighters

THE KING OF FIGHTERS - the world-famous action was exactly recreated for Android.

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

Fight the forces of evil against the six most powerful enemies, who have teamed up to create chaos and disorder in the city.


Super KO Boxing 2 - excellent Boxing for Android with a very bright and fun cartoon graphics.

Avatar Fight - MMORPG

Avatar Fight - become one of the warriors and compete in tournaments.

Gangstar Rio City of Saints

Gangstar Rio: city of saints - continued so loved by all of the famous series of games gangstar, which became popular all over the world.

Realtech Iron Fist Boxing

The game will appeal to fans of hard fights and blood.

Fighting Tiger 3D

The main character Gina desperately wants to rid the town from bandits.

Angry Heroes

According to the authors, this "the crazy MMORPG game of all times!" Get ready for tons of sparkling humor, funny situations and comic parodies using the most famous MMORPG cliches.

Ultimate 3D Boxing Game

Ultimate 3D Boxing Game - a great app that will allow you to fully enjoy Boxing.

Further Beyond Fighting

Further Beyond Fighting - dynamic 3D fighting game with great graphics, high-quality visual effects and a great combat system.

Swords and Sandals 5

Obovate your best sandals and sharpen your sword, as you once again enter the arena Sands in this step-by-step gladiatorial game.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior - excellent 3D fighting game with excellent graphics and animation.

Street Fighter IV HD

Street Fighter IV HD - a true fighting game on Android.

Zombie coliseum

Bloody arena awaits you in the game Coliseum Zombie!

Blood & Glory

BLOOD & GLORY - this is a good 3D fighting game from Glu, where you have to participate in gladiatorial combat, and in the arena to withstand the most severe fighters.

Runic Rumble

Runic Rumble - command elements. Imagine yourself in the role of a powerful shaman, capable of little sparkles to make a devastating fireball.

Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling Revolution - wrestling on Android. Spend your warrior to the victory!

Blood & Glory: Legend

Blood & Glory: Legend - the continuation of the bloody massacre.

Outback Rumble

Outback Rumble - very funny and popular Boxing. You have to manage kangaroos, dealing powerful blows to his opponent.

Death Dome

Death Dome - this battle monsters destroyed by virus city.

Agent Hoven Security

You work as a bodyguard and have any methods to protect the object.

Ben 10 Xenodrome

Ben 10 Xenodrome - exciting Sci-FI fighting with fighters from the popular series about alien - Ultimate Alien.


Game Offworld - an interesting representative of the genre of turn-based battles, focused on fighting one on one.

Maya Gold

Maya Gold - is an online slot machine with the historical theme of the ancient people.

Russian durak

It is thrown up and conversion fool. Probably there is no man who does not know the rules of this popular game.

Battle For Next Shot

Battle For Next Shot - interesting and addictive toy that will interest every lover of small, but good games.

Card Game \"101\"

101 - this is a very popular card game that you probably played every.


CardShark - it is a collection of 60 different types of solitaire, starting with the usual Scarves and to Montana.

Yahtzee Me FREE

Dice game, in which you can play up to four people.

Strip BlackJack with Amy Reid

Erotic game the essence of which is that you have to strip the girls.

Coin Pirates

Virtual slot machine. Throw coins, spin the slot machine and get tons of treasures.

Kalahari Sun Free

Kalahari Sun Free - this kind of slot machine. This game has a fun design with African animals, and quite clear and easy gameplay.


Colorful strategy game in which you have to build a real Las Vegas.

RDC Roulette

Probably today roulette occupies a leading position in the list of the most popular casino games.


A good simulator game machine "Slotmachine".

Princess Punt. Kicking My Hero

Princess Punt - game in a new genre called "Action game with RPG elements".

Farm Slot

At least for a while, at least mentally, leave the limits Sanogo and dusty city and go to the village to get some fresh air and have fun.

Horse Frenzy

Horse Frenzy game betting on race horses. You need to throw the ball speed and the farther you will throw the ball, the faster it will run the horse.